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• Smallest dimensions (L/T/H (inch)): 1.5 x 3.5 x 1.3  / Weight: 0.4 lbs  • 100% analog • True Bypass • High quality components • No SMD components • All potentiometers are screwed on the top • Smooth potentiometer regulation • Same as GAS-707B NG without switchable level / without silent switching • Clean Boost and Exiter => Come Alive! • Internal 18V DC operation for more (Output)-Level range and headroom • Tone control (active) and (Output-) Level control • Deep boost => slide switch right side side ON • Powered by an external standard 9 volts power adapter, no battery working Top panel made of stainless steel - 3D effect  100% hand-made in Germany!  3 years warranty  
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GAS-707B XS Clean Boost for Bass  
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The GAS-707B XS is the Clean Boost pedal of the GAS family, optimized in the frequency range for electric bass. With the character of the GAS-808B NG pedal the GAS-707B XS has no distortion itself, but you can increase the output level of the guitar up to +20dB. The GAS-707B XS is more than just an output level boost, it can give your amp more life! An active tone control gives sparkling brilliance to the sound if needed.The Deep boost => slide switch on the right side ON, pushes the LOW END, the overall sound stays defined without getting muddy. This pedal will give your amp a real kick, no matter if you play finger style or slapping bass, you will never switch the GAS-707B XS off. Perfect for boosting the amplifier sound without loosing or changing its natural characteristics. GAS-707B XS = 3D Sound = Come Alive!