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GAS-808 NG Overdrive        GAS-808 XS Overdrive for guitar
• Smallest dimensions (L/T/H (inch)): 1.5 x 3.5 x 1.3  / Weight: 0.4 lbs  • 100% analog • True Bypass • High quality components • No SMD components • All potentiometers are screwed on the top • Smooth potentiometer regulation • Same as GAS-808 NG without switchable gain / without silent switching • Overdrive => defined, without any loss of bass frequencies  • (Over-) Drive control, Tone control (active) and (Output-) Level control • Bass boost => slide switch right side ON • Powered by an external standard 9 volts power adapter, no battery working Top panel made of stainless steel - 3D  100% hand-made in Germany!  3 years warranty
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The GAS-808 XS is the overdrive pedal of the GAS pedal series. Thanks to specially dimensioned and selected components, the GAS-808 XS harmoniously into the existing sound. It sounds like a part of the amplifier itself rather than an additional pedal. The bass boost => slide switch on the right side ON, pushes the lower frequencies, the overall sound stays defined without getting muddy. GAS-808 XS => Perfect for boosting your amplifier without loosing or changing its basic characteristics
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