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British Legend Neo Head
British Legend Classic  Power Wizard From Monster to Silence
British Legend Classic Head 2 Channels - 100W - All Tube British 1959 - British 2203 Power Wizard
British Legend NEO  Power Wizard From Monster to Silence
British Legend NEO Head 3 Channels - 100W - All Tube Clean - British - Legend Power Wizard
GAS Pedals XS  Minimum Size Maximum Sound
GAS-707 XS     GAS-707B XS GAS-808 XS     GAS-808B XS COMMANDER XS
Endorser / User 
Custom Shop Pedals  GAS-789 Signature GAS-789B Signature
GAS-789 SL Steve Lukather GAS-789 LR Lee Ritenour GAS-789 VW Victor Wooten GAS-789 MM Marcus Miller
British Legend Neo Head
BL Cabinet 2x12“  Special Designed for the British Legend Series
2x 12“ Vintgae 30 Speaker Rear Loaded-Vertical Straight
COMMANDER II  Video by Rick Hollis
Twin Distortion For Guitar and Bass Small Size
GAS-808 II NG Video by Rick Hollis
Twin Overdrive For Guitar Small Size
GAS-808B II  Video by Thomas Meinlschmidt
Twin Overdrive For Bass Small Size