01.August 2022
Neuer Händler:
Greg's Guitars • Gregor Hilden • 48153 Münster • Phone: +49 (0)251 - 524802 •

08.July 2022

Neuer Händler:
Jimmy's Musikladen GmbH • 72074 Tübingen  • Phone: +49 (0)7071 27087

05.July 2022
Neuer Händler:

JustMusic Berlin • 10969 Berlin • Phone: +49 (0)30 /

07.Juni 2022
Neuer Händler:

Musik Kolbeck • 84030 Ergolding • Phone: +49 (0)871 / 26075 •

27.Mai 2022
Neuer Händler:

Cream Music Instruments • 60594 Frankfurt • Phone: +49 (0)69 / 234536 •

12.Mai 2022
Neuer Händler:
Hardline Music • 42103 Wuppertal • Phone: +49 (0)202 / 4468800 •

12.Mai 2022
Neuer Händler:
Musik Baum • 53173 Bonn-Bad Godesberg • Phone: +49 (0)228 / 352512•

02.Mai 2022
Neuer Händler:
Klangfarbe GmbH • 1110 Wien • Phone: +43 1 545 / 1717-0 •

02.Mai 2022

SL-OD  Overdrive - Video by Elmo Karjalainen

20.April 2022
Neuer Händler:

Music World Brilon • 59929 Brilon • Phone: +49 (0)2961 / 9790-0 •

01.April 2022
Neuer Händler:

J´s Guitar Shop • 78576 Liptingen • Phone: +49 (0)7465 4649947 •

25.Februar 2022
GAS (OD/CB) Overdrive / Clean Boost  Video
GAS (OD/CB) running into an already dirty amp

22.Februar 2022
GAS (OD/CB) Overdrive / Clean Boost  Video
GAS (OD/CB) running into a clean amp

19.Februar 2022

SL-OD  Overdrive - Steve Lukather  Video

14.Februar 2022
KILLMISTER - Kill Switch   Video

19.Januar 2022

KILLMISTER - manueller / automatischer Kill Switch, Soundunterbrecher ON/OFF
• Kill Zeiten über Drehschalter in 8 Stufen einstellbar.
• Manuell, 400ms, 350ms, 300ms, 250ms, 200ms, 150ms, 100ms automatische Kill Zeit.
Bestellung Killmister

02.Januar 2022
Only a few limited TB Drive Tennessee Special are left for sale, order here:
TB Drive Tennessee Special or on

24.Dezember 2021
We start selling the Limited TB Drive Tennessee Special (99 pieces only)

02.November 2021
Testbericht SL-OD Steve Lukather Signature  in der Gitarre & Bass Musikzeitschrift


22.Oktober 2021

Neuer Händer:
Hurricane Music Nantes • 44120 Vertou • Phone: (+33)2496 21000

12.Oktober 2021
Der neue LUKE Overdrive -  Steve Lukather, ab sofort erhältlich.

12.Oktober 2021

Neuer Händer:
Rockland-music • 58453 Witten • Phone +49(0)2302 760926

14.Juli 2021
Update British Legend Classic amplifier
Der British Legend Classic Verstärker ist ab sofort wieder in limitierter Stückzahl erhältlich.

17.Mai 2021
Update Pedale
Alle Pedale werden ab sofort in einem schwarzen pulverbeschichteten Gehäuse ausgeliefert.


17.März 2021
Update LDP (OD/CB)
Alle LDP (OD/CB) Pedale werden ab sofort in einem schwarzen pulverbeschichteten Gehäuse ausgeliefert.

25.Februar 2021
Update TB Drive Shakedown Special
Alle TB Drive Shakedown Special Pedale werden ab sofort in einem schwarzen pulverbeschichteten Gehäuse ausgeliefert.

15.Februar 2021
Steve Lukather
spricht über sein neues Solo Album, Pedal Board, Rosanna und Eddie van Halen.
Steve Lukather: I’ve also been using a double overdrive pedal made by Ulrich Rodenberg which seems to work really well for me.

31.Januar 2021
Testbericht GAS (OD/CB) in der grand gtrs & basses Musikzeitschrift
Ausgabe Januar/Februar 2021, Seite 54.

19.Januar 2021
Tyler Bryant and Rebecca Lovell (Larkin Poe) Interview

Tyler: I was struggling to find ones that sounded exactly how I wanted. My guitar tech was on a guitar forum one day and found out about RODENBERG. He went out on a limb and bought one of the pedals, it was a dual stage overdrive based on a Tube Screamer. He brought it to me and I had a couple of thoughts on it. I reached out to RODENBERG after four years of using the pedal to say it was my favourite pedal and that I’d used it on every record, as well as potentially tweaking it out a little bit. That’s how this pedal came to be.It’s essentially two Tube Screamers, you have the option on one channel to kick in an extra gain stage – that’s the secret to how I get all the sustain and hold notes for so long. There’s a bass boost on each channel for extra fatness... That helps me out a lot, playing single-coils or resonators. It’s a pretty versatile pedal.
When I first reached out I said there was something going on with Instagram, it’s where guitar players were hanging out. I said if we could make five or ten pedals, we could sell them pretty easily. They didn’t turn the pre-order off in time and we pre-sold a hundred. It just kept going from there, I think we’re at 600 pedals now, just through Instagram alone, with no advertising

02.December 2020
DIY Music / Pedalboard Tour with Megan Lovell
RODENBERG TB Drive Pinky Special - Slide Queen version