Who is RODENBERG amplification?
We have been working on developments of music electronics since 1990. After many successful projects we have
specialized in the development of pedals in 2005. Our endorsers and player include: Steve Lukather, Tyler Bryant, Larkin Poe,
Steve Stevens, Tom Riepl, Mick Rogers, Joe Bonamassa, Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten, Stanley Clarke, Tim Lefebvre and many others.

How and where are the pedals made?
We manufacture all pedals and amplifiers exclusively in my workshop in Fulda / Germany.
Design - development - construction - test - trade = all made by RODENBERG amplification

Are the items in stock?
All articles are usually in stock. If an article should not be available,
it will be produced fast and a delivery date is promised.

Which countries do you ship to?
We ship to all countries worldwide.

How much is the shipping?
The shipping costs are calculated automatically at the checkout (shipping within Germany is free).
We only charge the real shipping costs, good contracts allow us to minimize shipping costs.

Which shipping service provider is used for shipping?
We ship within Germany with DHL, outside Germany with UPS or TNT.
We only ship to America with Fedex (1-3 days shipping).

Are the goods insured for shipping?
Yes, the goods are insured.

Is there a tracking number?
Yes. With the tracking number (UPS / TNT / DHL / Fedex) the package can be tracked on the internet at any time.

When will it be shipped?
Usually within 1-3 days after receipt of payment.

When does my order arrive?
Within Germany 1-3 days after delivery. All other countries about 2-10 days (UPS / TNT)
Except to America 1-3 days.

How can I order?
In the article description is the 'Buy Now' button, which leads to the shopping cart.

How can I order?
PayPal, credit card, SEPA transfer. Payments by credit card and SEPA transfers are processed via PayPal.
You don't have to have or set up an account with PayPal. A SEPA transfer can also be made manually without PayPal
(more information on the respective order page).

Do I get an order confirmation?
Yes, an order confirmation will be sent by email immediately after the order has been placed.

Do I get an invoice?
Yes, within the EU with 19% VAT, outside the EU without VAT.

Do the pedals work with batteries?
No, no battery operation.

Is there a power supply with the pedals?
No. Every country has different plugs and supply voltages, which we cannot cover all. An additional power supply would also increase the price and shipping costs.
Our pedals are supplied with standard power supplies, most musicians have their own multiple power supplies on their pedal boards.

Which power supply is recommended?
All 9V DC (direct current) power supplies with at least 100mA current can be used. But attention should be paid to musician quality (stabilized power supply). Polarity: Outside: + / Inside: GND

What maximum voltage can I use to power up the pedals?
The maximum supply voltage is 18V DC.

Which supply voltage do you recommend?
We recommend 9V DC. If at high input levels, as can occur with active guitars or basses, the level range of the pedals GAS (OD / CB), LDP (OD / CB), LDP Deluxe or SL-OD Steve Lukather are overdriven, we recommend 18V DC.

The pedal hums or makes whistling noises during operation!
Our pedals are analog circuits in the signal path. Humming or whistling noises always come from the power supply unit, poor connection cables or the possible interaction with other effects.

How can I proceed with humming or whistling noises?
To test, just connect the pedal to the amplifier and connect the power supply. Do not supply any further pedals with the power supply. Do not connect a guitar or cables to the input jack and activate the pedal. Now nothing should hum or whistle. Noise is normal with overdrive and distortion pedals, depending on level and gain. If humming or whistling noises occur, please check another power supply.

Can I pick up the goods / try them out?
Yes, by arrangement. Please make an appointment.

Can I send goods back if I don't like them?
Yes, the customer can return the goods within 14 days without giving a reason. More information can be found in the terms and conditions.

Do I have a guarantee?
We give a 3-year guarantee on all items if used properly, you can find more information in the enclosed manual and terms and conditions.