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TB Drive Shakedown Special – Tyler Bryant Signature

For guitar
• Bird Skull Edition • 2x Custom Tyler Bryant Overdrive
• 100% handcrafted in Germany • 3 year warranty
• Sound Design by Tyler Bryant und Uli Rodenberg
• Web:

This sound has a name: Tyler Bryant. Two custom overdrive pedals in one box and a slightly overdriven amplifier, Tyler doesn't need more for his sound. For rhythm, Tyler plays the left overdrive in high gain boost (909 toggle switch on), for solo Tyler plays the right overdrive switched on in series too, done. Two separate bass boost (toggle switches) pushes the deep frequencies without getting muddy.
Whether studio or live, that's the unique sound Tyler has been playing exclusively for years.

Tyler Bryant:
I’ve used this pedal at every session and every show since I got it. With this box, I can walk into any situation and know that I’m gonna have the horse power I need.

SL-OD Overdrive – Steve Lukather Signature

• Follow up model of the Steve Lukather GAS-789SL
• Low Gain Overdrive - High Gain Overdrive - Boost (Clean Boost)
• 100% handcrafted in Germany • 3 year warranty
• Sound Design by Steve Lukather und Uli Rodenberg
• Web:

What else can you say about Luke's sound? He has played the GAS-789SL for years and now also the SL-OD Overdrive in front of his overdriven / distorted amplifiers to make the sound even faster, more smooth overdrive sounding without changing the basic sound. Two Overdrives (Low Gain and High Gain) + Boost (Clean boost) with +20dB boost (toggle switch) in one box - three separate bass boost (toggle switches) for each pedal to push the lower frequencies without getting muddy, the pedal couldn't be more variable. The new SL-OD is just 5.7 inch wide!

Steve Lukather:
Just wanted you yo know how much I LOVE the box you sent me. Hard to describe it ... it just makes it sound BETTER. Smooths out the amp distortion in the most positive way without noise or strange coloring. I use it every night and it is proudly placed on my pedal board. I am deeply honored! Tanks SO much man! Happy to endorse your excellent gear.

Available from August 6th, 2021