BLDeluxe – British Legend Deluxe – Amp in a Box overdrive


Special features:
• The new British Legend pedal generation
• British Overdrive / Distortion Sound
• Built like an amp - sounds like an amp
• All analog signal path
• AVTC – Analog Virtual Tube Circuit

• New analogue high-voltage tube simulation
• MSTB – Mechanical Silent True Bypass
• Internal supply voltage 280V regulated
• Power supply BLDeluxe: 9V DC / 250mA  

What makes a good amp sound?
Tube technology, selected high-voltage components, dynamics through high-voltage technology and an uncompromising analogue signal path.
The BLDeluxe goes exactly this way. AVTC - Analog Virtual Tube Circuit, selected high-voltage components, 280V operating voltage and completely analog signal path.
The BLDeluxe is built like a real tube amp, with the same components, and that's exactly how it sounds!



Sound without compromise:
The BLDeluxe delivers a clearly defined tight sound with lots of attack. In addition, there is a playing dynamic and reaction to the potentiometer of the guitar that only good tube amplifiers can achieve. The BLDeluxe has by far more gain than the the good old 2203, especially when you switch on the gain boost. The BLDeluxe is an interpretation of the "British" rock sound, which on the one hand is more modern and has significantly more gain reserves, but which fully retains the relevant elements of this sound.

Gain, bass, middle, treble, volume, plus a gain and FAT boost. Five controls are enough to perfectly adapt the BLDeluxe to an amplifier. This is achieved by an active 3-band tone control that covers all sound nuances. The Gain Boost has a powerful effect, high gain sounds are no problem even in front of a clean amplifier. The FAT Boost works more subtly, it boosts the entire mid-frequency spectrum without being obtrusive.



Vintage meets HighTec
AVTC – Analog Virtual Tube Circuit: This is a newly developed assembly of FETs and other components that exactly simulate a tube. The development of the circuit took more than 4 years, the result is an equivalent tube replacement that behaves like a 12AX7 tube electrically and in terms of sound.


MSTB – Mechanical Silent True Bypass
The BLDeluxe is a true bypass pedal, it switches purely mechanically but without the typical switching noises, which are reduced to a minimum. When switched off, it is completely removed from the signal chain.



Power supply:
The BLDeluxe works internally with a regulated operating voltage of 280V DC, the external power supply should be a standard 9V DC regulated power supply with 250mA power consumption.

Pay attention to the current consumption, at least 250mA!
• Mains adapter plug socket 5.5 x 2.1 mm, negative pole inside. Current draw: 9V DC / 250 mA